Thursday, September 30, 2010

Put Your Knife Bag Where Your Mouth Is, Part 3

It turns out that my most important contribution to Ludobites 5.0 is my husband.

After my total hillbilly introduction,  I am sure I am done. She must feel sorry for me, because Krissy has a few things for me to do. I haven't used a computer for anything but the internet for 5 years so I can barely remember what Excel is.  A few days later I get an e-mail. A project......can you......something about data importing and formatting.  Wha'???

Most people would not jump right up and swear they could deliver if they had no idea what in the Jesus the words being said even meant. But I knew Krissy had been on the Apprentice and you wouldn't tell Mr. Trump no, you'd say yes and figure out a way to get it done. I thought she would appreciate that initiative. So I called Nick.

For 7 years we've chuckled when people ask what he does. It's very convoluted but at it's essence, it's compiling huge amounts of data into one place. Which, coincidentally, is exactly what the instructions said is needed. Score!!!!

My honey makes me look like a superstar and I am invited down to Gram & Papa's on orientation day. I pee myself.  Almost. But still, a semi-retired granny who has never spherified anything is going to hop onto the hottest train in town. Dream Big Folks. It works.

After I jump up and down for 20 minutes, Nick gets lucky again. He doesn't know these Lefebvre people, but he is really starting to like them.

As a bonus, I get a reservation for our anniversary. I'll figure out the sitter thing later. I feel like I won grand prize of something because I get to be part of a truly extraordinary experience.

With Evan having cycled through camp (they "lost" his shoelaces, I said No Thank You), there is not much work I can do until Nick gets home, so my volunteering, for all it's sincerity, is premature and kind of useless. I help do some things from home and get ready for our big night out.  Checking the menu online becomes a ritual. I can't wait to see what will be there because it changes all the time. Things that sound delicious the first week are replaced by subsequent inspiration.

We started this story with me eating at Ludobites 4.0 with my friends because I was scared to bring the monkey-boy. We pause mid-point with Evan in a button-up shirt eating octopus on what has to be one of the best nights of my life. My beautiful family and I are sitting at a table in the hardest to get-in restaurant in town. We're eating amazing food. There is no pinching or threatening.  Nick smiles every time he takes a bite. Evan makes puppy-dog eyes at the hostess, and I study my food while I change my title from chef back to cook in my brain. I have never been so happy about being so inferior.