Tuesday, January 20, 2015

#20. Jim Norton Part Two

There's still a lot to cover about urine and I know it's not as sexy as some comedians want it to be but here is a public service announcement:

You may find yourself at a Target in the men's underwear aisle and you may have opened half the boxes to feel if the lycra is scratchy or smooth and see if the waistband is separate or one of those blended deals. You could be lucky enough to score the last three boxes of the extra-long, large boxer briefs in a non-offensive color like grey or black.

You'll cringe at the register when 6 pairs of men's underwear costs $60 which is approximately 10 times what your Hanes white grannies do.

When you get home there will be twenty other chores to do, so you'll probably unwrap the new man panties, take off that little piece of tape they affix to each one to keep them tidy in the box, and throw them into the washer.

Once folded and put away you will not think a thing about them until three days later when your husband is yelling loudly from the bathroom and you go to see if there is a rattlesnake in your toilet and he tells you there is no pee-hole in his underwear.

That's right.

Sometime in the last year some manufacturers have either decided that it was too expensive or just an unnecessary accessory and now you have to add that to the never-ending list of things you are supposed to remember as June Cleaver because if there is one thing I am not going to explain to the return lady at the Big Red Bullseye, it's about my man's need to easily remove his dick at a urinal, so there goes that cash right down the toilet with his wobbly pee.

Somebody call Consumer Reports.